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Anniversaries and dinner parties | Turin and our last week in Apricale

Mr Kiss and I recently celebrated our second wedding anniversary, to celebrate we decided that we would spend the weekend away from our woofing cafe and check out Turin in the north of Italy.  We have grown a bit weary of driving so thought that catching the train would make for a nice break.  We packed overnight bags (a foreign concept to us now) and took ourselves off to the train station in joyful anticipation of a couple of relaxing days off celebrating!

Seemingly Northern Italy has been having serious flooding issues due to an unseasonally large quantity of rain, we found ourselves in the thick of it upon arrival in Turin.  Our airbnb ‘loft’ was right by the river so we got to witness the rising waters fairly closely! Thankfully there were no serious issues while we were there!

Although the rain was near torrential for nearly all of our time there we didn’t let that stop us exploring the city.  We wandered down the boulevards, which reminded us of a cross between Vienna and Paris and made our way to what is said to be the world’s best Egyptian Museum…. why it is in Italy beats me (although after reading the museum history it appears that there was a very well resourced egyptian discovery programme dating back to Napoleon’s time) but it truly was amazing!

We relaxed, ate little treats and cooked ourselves some of the food we have been missing most!

On our return from Turin we were well into our final week woofing in Apricale.  As the place we have spent the longest time we were getting a little sad to be moving on.  We were now familiar with a number of the local personalities and people were beginning to recognise us on the street. One night that week a lovely british lady who recently moved to the village invited us to dinner in her amazing tower house and we had a marvellous night cooking food, discussing how much my husband suits a beard, finding out about her love interests and helping her manage her iTunes library!

As the week quickly drew to a close we found ourselves once again packing up our belongings and squeezing them into our little Pug.  Apricale is definitely a place we’ll return to!

From here we have one day to drive to Barcelona to collect a friend of ours arriving from NZ and onwards exploring Spain!


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