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Kmart jerseys and Ferraris | Woofing in the North of Italy

For the past two weeks, Mr Kiss and I have been living in a small hilltop village, Apricale, in an area called Liguria. We decided that we needed a rest from being on the move all the time and so signed up to volunteer at an olive grove run by a British couple.

The approach to the Village is like no view we have seen so far on our travel and our home is perched on the side of the hill overlooking a small valley in which the olive grove is situated. Paul and Penny are great fun, love to have a good yarn, hate on Rupert Murdoch and the sky cycling team, watch Russia Today and enjoy a good meal.

Our task is to assist with the building of the dry stone walls, which hold up the terraces that the olive trees grow on. I’m going to be honest and say that I am purely there for the amusement of others and I am next to useless at any of the manual tasks…. I have however been charged as chief wheelbarrow operator, but banned from bucket operations as the last time I tried to pass it to Mr Kiss, the bucket ended up on the very bottom terrace.

Village life is very different to how we have been living for the past six months, we are getting to know the locals and can also get our mouths around some (very) basic Italian. We generally visit the small commestibili (what we in NZ would call a dairy) run by Graziella, we’ve enjoyed some yummy food at both restaurants on the Piazza and visit the café every day run by Aldo and Ildo – life is good!

We have also been lucky enough to do a bit of exploration of the local area, our friend Jess joined us last weekend and we popped into a couple of the nearby and very similar villages for a bit of sight seeing. We were also able to make a pit stop in Monte Carlo – I think we saw more Ferraris in an hour than the whole of New Zealand owns! Mr Kiss inspected a couple of Super yachts as we sat on the waterfront eating our supermarket rolls and pancetta (so classy).

This weekend we are off to Turin to celebrate our wedding anniversary – Weehoo! We then have one more week of woofing before toot tooting down to Spain!


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