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Football, meat grills and national parks | Our week in Slovenia

Mr. Kiss and I entered Slovenia from the southern border of Hungary after a short pit stop at a few lakes.  We were Maribor bound as Justo had discovered that there was a football game between Slovenia and Switzerland for one of the nights we were going to there. For those of you who know Just, he was beyond excited.

That night we decided to go out for dinner at one of the local restaurants, we ended up stopping by a Balkan Grill and having a delicious meal.  The menu was not in english, so we followed the lead of the waitress who told us the name of the best dish.  It truly was magnificent, not only in taste but also in appearance.  In the centre of our plate was the largest meat patty I have ever seen presented, accompanied by fresh baked bread in a more bready pita format and a mixture of vegetables and sauces. DELICIOUS! and the night had only just begun!  With our full bellies we headed to the football ground.

Maribor has a population of around 100,000 people, so we expected the ground to be pretty small.  We however found that the 10,000 seater brand new stadium was bustling.  I was frisked for the first time in my life as we entered…. I naively thought it was alcohol, Justin put me straight and announced that it was for knives. Great. It was a fun game to watch and a Slovenian win meant a good night for everyone!

The next day we headed for another round of camping in the capital of Ljubljana.  Ljubljana is one of our favourite cities so far, with pedestrianised streets in the old town, a daily food and flea market, cafes along the river and a lot of life we could have stayed there for longer.  Justin is especially keen to go back and sample the famous horse burger. Another bonus was that the Ljubljana Biennial of Design was on during our stay and we were able to check out a few of the excellent exhibitions.  We have now visited Viennese Design Week, Hungarian Design week and the biennial… Mr. Kiss can hardly contain his joy.

While camping we also took the opportunity to head north to the famous Lake Bled and neighbouring Lake Bohinj.  I think coming from New Zealand sets your expectations for natural scenery very high, so for both of us drop our jaws and stare in wonder is a pretty big deal.  This region of the world is truly beautiful! I even got my daredevil on and scaled a rock next to the cliff top castle to get a great view and save the 10 euro entry fee!

Slovenia and especially Ljubljana are a definite must visit. The people are friendly, the cities are lively and the scenery is absolutely incredible!

Next stop for us is Croatia and hopefully some warmth!


One thought on “Football, meat grills and national parks | Our week in Slovenia

  1. You have been giving me lots of thoughts for our trip to Europe next year! If only we were adventurous enough to follow your foot steps!

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