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Castles and Camping | A winning combination

After the hype of Oktoberfest, Justo and I decided to retreat to the mountains and enjoy some southern german scenery.  We found ourselves in a campground close to the famous Neuschwanstein castle.

The husbo had been driving for most of the day so I decided to give him a break and start cooking a simple but warm and yummy dinner (temperatures were sitting around 5 degrees celsius).  Literally the moment that Justo lay down in the tent, the tap tap of raindrops on canvas could be heard.  “Babe, I think it is starting to rain” he said… unfazed, I responded “totes isn’t, we’ll be fine!”… I 100%, absolutely should have kept my mouth shut.  A torrential downpour erupted from the sky.  I was stood at my single burner gas cooker, in the pitch black darkness, in the pouring rain, trying to cook an onion on a gas cooker with tank that was running low.  One of our tenting neighbours rushed over and held an umbrella over me as Justo leapt out of the tent. Twenty minutes later and with wet butt from the rain dripping off the umbrella we had a delightful spagbol!

The next few days were spent exploring the area, including a hike up to the two nearby castles. The receptionist at the campground aptly described the route to get there; “You see the castle, you walk to the castle” and that is exactly what we did.  While walking through the villages, you would have been surprised if anyone ever visit these towns, or even lived there but as we approached Neuschwanstein, and literally only within a radius of 200m we found ourselves surrounded by tourists, and busses and loud noises! Nevertheless we fought our way through the crowds and inspected the beautiful castle views for ourselves, it was pretty magical, especially with the amazing autumn colours!

On our final day, we decided to take a load of and cycle around the lake.  On enquiring with the campground we were told that it would take between one and two hours if we were really slow.  NB: I have not cycled for more than 15 minutes since I was a child.  Thinking that it was a good way to burn off a few calories gained drinking beer and eating bretzels we set off.  We soon discovered that for a first time rider, 32km is a really long way, in addition the bikes had no suspension and it was a bumpy and hilly trail. I am going to be honest when I say that I literally cried and said that I could not go on more than once and I truly believe my husband is a hero for assuring me that we were ‘definitely’ more than half way at all points in the journey.  While it was a struggle, three and a half hours later we pulled into camp and I was pretty proud of myself!

Following an epic day out, we decided that it was time to give each other haircuts… while neither of us are the most experience hairdressers (no experience at all) there was medium amounts of success, in that both of us had our hair trimmed.  We feel positively lovely!

The roller coaster ride of emotions and experiences continues, but we are still enjoying the freedom we have each day and the amazing sights.  Next we are off to Salzburg for a family rendition of The Hills are aaliiiiive, with my cousin Sarah!


One thought on “Castles and Camping | A winning combination

  1. I love German fairy tale castles! If you’re still in the area I highly recommend Lichtenstein castle and Hohenzollern castle, both near Stuttgart – amazing! And less tourist crazy than beautiful Neuschwanstein. I’ll be posting about my visits there when I get around to writing it (soon?) but I definitely recommend!

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